• AssetPlus audit health checks
  • AssetPlus events for new staff and managers
  • Refresher events
  • Manager / QA events
  • Coaching

Lyla is an experienced AssetPlus trainer and coach. She has delivered over 25 three day events to staff and managers as part of AssetPlus implementation and is currently assisting teams with improving quality and with training for new staff.

Her training is adapted to local requirements and incorporates the “journey of the child” and contextualised safeguarding, a desistance / good lives approach and key messages in understanding risk management and engaging young people in their plans.

She has a good appreciation of what practitioners and managers are finding challenging with AssetPlus and can provide methodologies, hints and tips for quality practice and more effective use of time when completing the framework.

Can be delivered as half day or full day events

Assessing and Managing risk
(Safety & wellbeing and Future behaviour to others)

The aim of this course is to strengthen practitioner confidence in making defensible professional judgments when assessing, planning, delivering and reviewing interventions so that future harmful behaviours by children and young people and potential adverse outcomes regarding their safety and well-being are reduced.

This course covers effective practice principles and incorporates the context of current safeguarding and public protection challenges including gangs and serious youth violence and child sexual exploitation.

The format would be tailored to local need and would link to the current AssetPlus framework; Desistance practice and the Good Lives Model. It can explore good practice when completing the Explanations & Conclusions and Pathways & Planning sections of AssetPlus

Integrated planning

To strengthen integrated planning practice this course can include

  • What is an effective integrated Plan?
  • Engaging children & young people and their parent/carers in their plans
  • Setting up an assessment linked plan in community and custodial settings
  • SMART and meaningful target setting
  • Other case management actions, controls and contingency planning
  • Reviewing assessments and plans

Report writing

This can be delivered as a generic report writing course or specifically for:

  • Referral Order reports
  • Pre-Sentence Reports

Bespoke training

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