Gangs and serious youth violence awareness.

We have delivered this as part of Safeguarding Children Board training events as well as to schools, colleges and foster care agencies.

Safeguarding children and young people from gangs and serious youth violence remains a key challenge for families, professional and communities.

This course aims to raise awareness of the safeguarding and public protection issues relating to serious youth violence and how this links with  gang and group activity and the supply of drugs.  It will provide insight in to why young people become involved; the implications for their safety and wellbeing and  will link with Child Sexual Exploitation, risks of radicalisation and other adverse outcomes.

This course is delivered in conjunction with front line gang practitioners and young people who have been affected by these concerns and this provides a “real” and powerful insight. It will promote early help key messages as well as interventions available that can contribute to the reduction of harm caused.

Understanding Sexual abuse

This course is for staff from all agencies working with children or families and will explore myths and realities about sexual abuse. This will include what we know about the prevalence of sexual abuse, children's experiences, possible signs of abuse and how perpetrators operate in the planning and preparation for their offences.

The course will also include an overview of interventions in working with offenders and issues to consider in work with families and the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Safeguarding Adults

This would be delivered by one of our Associates who is an experienced Adult safeguarding manager. Training will equip staff with knowledge and understanding of different types of abuse, signs and possible indicators  and what to do if they have concerns as well as the legal framework.

Please note that this course can be combined with Safeguarding children training  delivered jointly.  This is a popular option for health professionals and is based on the recommended content for both clinical and non-clinical staff.

Bespoke courses

These can be arranged relating to specific safeguarding concerns for example, CSE, Prevent, trafficking and modern slavery.

Please contact us for further details